The Centurions (Toys)

The CenturionsThe Centurions was an animated cartoon that began as a five-part mini series in 1986 and was soon followed up with a full 60 episode season.

As with all popular 80’s cartoon The Centurions also had a toy-line released, however, they weren’t massively popular and the second wave of toys was soon cancelled.

The toys were split into two fractions, The Centurions and The Forces Of Doc Terror.

The Centurions (1986)

The centurions didn’t have a vast amount of characters unlike many other popular cartoons from the 1980’s, however, each of The Centurions characters did have various forms which meant that their were a fair few toys to collect.

The Centurions

  • Max Ray – The sea operations expert and available with Cruiser, Tidal Blast, Sea Bat and Depth Charge.
  • Jake Rockwell – The land operations specialist and available with Fireforce, Wild Weasel, Hornet, Swingshot, Detonator, Awesome Auger and Power Pack.
  • Ace McCloud – The air operations expert is available with Sky Knight, Orbital interceptor and Skybolt.

The Forces Of Doc Terror (1986)

There were only ever four toys released for The Forces of Doc Terror which means they are far less common to come across than The Centurions.

  • Doc Terror – The cyborg scientist who plans of world domination.
  • Hacker – Chief henchman of Doc Terror
  • Doom Drone Traumatizer – robotic soldier created by Doc Terror.
  • Doom Drone Strafer – robotic soldier with take-off capability created by Doc Terror.

Check out The Centurions commercial from the 1980’s below, a real shame this toy-line never really got going!

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