Discontinued Cereals Of The 1990’s, How Many Do You Remember?

Over the years dozens of cereals have come and gone, some of which are still much loved by many of us. Finding discontinued cereals from the 1990’s that are still edible just isn’t possible, however we can look back in fondness at some of the epic cereal released of the 1990’s that are no longer around.

As you will see from the 10 discontinued cereals below, some had an incredibly short life-span, less than a year in some cases! Others limped along for a few years before being dropped for something different, how many do you remember?

Pop Tarts Crunch Cereal 1994 -1995

They came in both Brown Sugar Cinnamon and Strawberry flavours but even that wasn’t enough to save Pop Tarts Crunch Cereal! Lasting roughly a year between 1994 and 1995, these sugar packed mini pop tarts came and went in a flash.

Discontinued Cereals - Pop Tarts Crunch Cereal

Urkel-O’s 1991 – ?

Urkel-O’s were based on a character from the television sitcom ‘Family Matters’, the strawberry and banana flavoured cereal consisted of yellow and red loops. First released in 1991, Urkel-O’s were fairly popular at the time, even offering a trip to Washington DC for one lucky winner, however, they were eventually discontinued, what year we aren’t entirely sure.


Sprinkle Spangles 1991 – 1995

Sprinkle Spangles were star-shaped pieces that were covered with multi-coloured sprinkles. The Sprinkle Genie (voiced by Dom DeLuise) was the brand mascot and had the catchphrase “You wish it, I dish it!”

Sprinke Spangles

Kellogg’s Cinnamon Mini Buns 1990 – 1993

Released in 1990, Kelloggs’s Cinnamon Mini Buns were cereal sized ‘mini buns’, they were eventually revamped and renamed ‘Mini Swirlz Cinnamon Buns’. However, as with many cereal ideas that seem genius at the time, they lasted just three years before being discontinued.

Cinnamon Mini Buns

Addams Family Cereal 1991 – ?

Released in 1991 to tie-in with the Addams Family movie starring Anjelica Huston and Christina Ricci, this cereal resembled skulls and other ghostly shapes. As you can see from the box they don’t actually have a name apart from ‘Addams Family’ and they don’t even state a flavour! However, those with a good memory will surely remember the taste of honeycomb and a combination of other things.

Addams Family Cereal

Discontinued Cereals Of The 1990’s You May Have Forgotten About!

Hidden Treasures 1993 – 1995

This short-lived cereal was introduced in 1993 alongside Sprinke Spangles. The sweetened corn squares were filled with a fruity filling (orange, grape or cherry), however some pieces had no filling at all. A robot mascot called H.T. could be found on the box, however, he didn’t hang around long, just like the cereal.

Hidden Treasures Cereal

Oreo O’s 1998 – 2007

Oreo flavoured O-shaped pieces of cereal, what more could you want from your cereal? One of the most popular in this list, if you still fancy a box of these then they are still available in just one country, South Korea!


Double Dip Crunch 1989 – 1993

Double Dip Crunch tasted of honey and nuts, there was also a frosted version released around the same time. It seems that this cereal still holds great memories as their are number petitions for the return of Double Dip Crunch.

Double Dip Crunch

Ghostbusters Cereal 1985 – 1988

Available for three years under this name then later re-branded before being cancelled, Ghostbusters Cereal was released as a tie-in with the first movie. As the hype for the two movies faded, so did the breakfast cereal. With a new Ghostbusters in the works, who knows if the cereal may one day return!

Ghostbusters Cereal

Spider-Man Cereal 1995

This was a limited edition, sweetened rice cereal that was a tie-in for the animated TV series on Fox Kids Network. The web shaped cereal also came with four different kinds of marshmallow, each representing something popular from the Spider-Man series such as the Hobgoblin’s Pumpkin Bomb or Peter Parker’s camera.

Spider-Man Cereal


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