Thundercats Toys

Thundercats ToysThundercats toys are a toy-line based on the animated TV show created by Tobin Wolf in 1985. The Thundercats were one of the most popular animated TV shows and toy-lines of the decade and still remain hugely popular today.

In the series there were two sides, the good Thundercats who were lead by Lion-O and the evil Mutants who were lead by Mumm-Ra. Other outside factions also came into the equation such as the Berserkers and the Berbils.

The Thundercats toys were released in three waves over three years with each wave boasting new additions and re-releases of previous toys. The first Thundercats toys series in 1985 was the smallest release in terms of overall toys, the second series was by far the largest and was released in 1986 followed by a third in 1987.


Series 1

  • Lion-O (Series 1) – Leader of the Thundercats and one of the most popular Thundercats toys, Lion-O’s arm would move up and down by a lever on his back. The eyes would also light up when the Power Ring (included) was inserted into a contact point in his back. Included was the Sword Of Omens and the Claw Shield.
  • Panthro (Series 1) – Panthro was a hugely popular Thundercat, pushing a lever on his back would make both of Panthro’s arms move up and down at the same time. Included were a pair of red and blue nunchucks.
  • Tygra (Series 1) – The first version of Tygra was also known as the “young” Tygra, in a later version he looked far older. A lever on his back would move both arms, he also came with a Bolo Whip accessory. In later series he was also packaged with Wilykat.
  • Cheetara (Series 1) – Cheetara was the female Thundercat that could move at incredible speeds. The lever on her back moved the arms up and down, she came with a baton and later came packaged with Wilykit.

Series 2

  • Hachiman (Series 2) – Hachiman was an ally of the Thundercats and was the only Thundercat figure to feature the battle action lever on the side rather than on the back. Pushing the button made Hachiman slash his sword, included with the figure was a samurai sword and helmet.
  • Snowman Of Hook Mountain (Series 2) – Snowman was also an ally of the Thundercats, pushing the lever on his back made the Snowman’s arms move up and down. Included with the Snowman were a helmet, spear and shield.
  • Tuska Warrior (Series 2) – The Tuska Warrior was a generic character from the Tuskas, Walrus-like people who are honourable warriors. Move the lever on his back and his arm would move up and down, he also came packaged with a rifle.
  • Wilykat (Series 2) – Wilykat is the brother of Wilykit and the older of the two Thunderkittens. Wilykat didn’t come with a lever on his back but did come packaged with a hover-board.
  • Wilykit (Series 2) – The younger of the Thunderkittens, Wilykit also came packed with a hover-board.
  • Snarf (Series 2) – Snarf is a protector of Lion-O, he didn’t come with any accessories or a lever action but did have poseable arms, legs and head.
  • Berbil Bill (Series 2) – Berbil Bill came with poseable arms and head but no accessories, he is a member of the Berbils, small robotic bears who make fruit and helped build the Cats’ Lair.
  • Berbil Belle (Series 2) – Berbil Belle is a female version of Berbil Bill with poseable arms and head.
  • Berbil Bert (Series 2) – Like the other two Berbil characters, Berbil Bart has posable arms and head but no accessories.

Series 3

  • Jaga (Series 3) – Lord of the Thundercats, pushing down on the lever would make his arm move up and down, he came packaged with the Sword of Omens and a helmet.
  • Bengali (Series 3) – This honorary Thundercat had a lever on his back to move his arm up and down, he came packaged with the Hammer of Thundera.
  • Pumyra (Series 3) – A young female Thunderian based on a puma, the lever on her back would move her arm up and down, she came with a sling accessory.
  • Lynx-O (Series 3) – The oldest Thundercat alive, he had a lever on his back which would move his arm up and down, he came packaged with a Light Shield.
  • Thunder Wings Lion-O (Series 3) – This figure differed from the original as it didn’t have light-up eyes, the figure also lacked the back-lever action. However, it did come with Thunder Wings so Lion-O could fly.

Thundercats Toys

Mumm-Ra, Mutants, Berserkers etc.
Series 1

  • Mumm-Ra (Series 1) – Mumm -Ra was the main bad guy in the Thundercats series, the toy in series one was the non mummified version of Mumm-Ra. The lever on his back would move his hands while a Power Ring would light up his eyes if you made contact with the contact point on the back. Also included was a dagger and red headdress.
  • S-S-Slithe (Series 1) – S-S-Slithe was one of the most well known ‘bad guys’ and leader of the Mutants who looked a little bit like a cross between a frog and a lizard. He had a lever on his back to move his arms and also came with a Battle Axe.
  • Monkian (Series 1) – Monkian was the no so smart Mutant who had monkey like features. As with most figures he had a lever on his back which moved his arms, he also came with a mace and helmet.
  • Jackalman (Series 1) – Jackalman had jackal like features and was an obedient mutant at most times. He had a lever on his back which moved his arms and came with a shoulder strap and boulder.
  • Astral Moat Monster (Series 1) – The Astral Moat Monster guards the way to Astral Prison, the figure was bigger than other Thundercat toys and came packaged in a box rather than on a card.

Series 2

  • Vultureman (Series 2) – Vultureman was generally the brains behind mutant operations, he had vulture-like features, pushing the lever on his back would make his arm move up and down, he came packaged with a clawed staff.
  • Ratar-O (Series 2) – The arrogant Ratar-O is one of the Thundercats deadliest enemies, he has rat like features and comes packaged with the ‘Rat’s Eye’ dagger. Pushing the lever on his back would move both arms up and down.
  • Grune the Destroyer (Series 2) – A Thundarian who betrayed Thundera to help Mumm-Ra, pushing down on his lever would move an arm, he came packaged with a spiked mace and knuckle duster.
  • Hammerhand (Series 2) – Captain Hammerhand is leader of the Berserkers and features a mechanical hand. Squeezing the lever and scissor control on his arm made Hammerhand grab and shake his opponent with his huge iron fist.
  • Ram Bam (Series 2) – Another member of the Beserkers, pulling the rip-cord on his back would rev up his chest wheel, putting the figure down on the ground would see him zoom off.
  • Top Spinner (Series 2) – As with all the other berserker toys, Top Spinner had a mechanical function, pressing he lever down on his back would cause him to spin, he was originally called ”Tornado”.
  • Cruncher (Series 2) -The final berserker and another toy made with a mechanical cation, press the lever on Crunchers back and he would make a bare hug action, crushing his enemies.
  • Ma-Mutt (Series 2) – Ma-Mutt was a dog like creature, he had poseable arms, legs and head but came with no accessories.
  • Mummy Mumm-Ra (Series 2) – This version of Mumm-Ra came with the Mumm-Ra Tomb Fortress, therefore it was never carded.

Series 3

  • Mongor (Series 3) – This goat-like demon had a lever on his back which moved an arm up and down, he also came packaged with a Scythe.
  • Captain Cracker (Series 3) – An old, evil, robotic pirate, push the lever on his back to make his arm move up and down. He came packaged with a Cutlass Sword.
  • Captain Shiner  (Series 3) – This dog-like mercenary had a lever on his back to move his hand up and down, he also came packaged with a gun.
  • Safari Joe (Series 3) – This Thundercat hunter had a lever on his back to move his arm up and down, he also came packaged with a rather large gun.
  • Driller (Series 3) – The evil driller had a lever on his back which when pressed caused his drill to spin rapidly.
  • The Stinger (Series 3) – The dragonfly-like ‘Stinger’ had a lever on his abdomen which caused is wings to flap.
  • Luna Lasher Mumm-Ra (Series 3) – This transformed version of Mumm-Ra came with the Luna Lasher attachment, this version also had no light-up eyes or action lever.

Vehicles, Bases etc.

As well as the figures from both sides, a fair amount of vehicles and bases were released for both the Thundercats and the Mutants, these Thundercat toys were released across all three of the series:

Series 1

Thundertank (Series 1) – The Thundertank was a vehicle used by the Thundercats and one of the more popular Thundercats toys, it featured a button on its back that when pressed would spring open the Thundertank into attack mode. When in attack mode the vehicles jaws opened and the claws raised to reveal hidden guns. At the back of the Thundertank was a pivoting cannon gun.

Skycutter (Series 1) – The Skycutter was a vehicle used by the Mutants, it featured flapping wings which were controlled by a trigger at the back. It could be converted to a ground vehichle by flipping out the wheels on the wings.

Nosediver (Series 1) – The Nosediver was another mutant vehicle that featured a “Rock Crushing” nose that spun when the vehicle was pushed along the ground.

Series 2

Thunderclaw (Series 2) – The Thunderclaw was a Thundercat vehicle than featured mutant trapping claws, this was activated by a trigger at the back.

Hovercat (Series 2) – The Hovercat featured a turbo whirl sound and a bottom spinning rotor which was activated by a trigger at the back.

Fist Pounder (Series 2) – The mutant Fist Pounder was a vehicle that featured giant fists which moved up and down as you pushed it along the ground.

Cats Lair (Series 2) – The Cats Lair was the biggest of the Thundercats toys, it was home to the Thundercats and featured a pivoting cat head which fired laser beams, laser activated counter with alarm, secret door to trap invaders in an underground cell, cat paws that could be lifted to reveal a cannon and five battle stations for Thundercats.

Mumm-Ra’s Tomb Fortress (Series 2) – Mumm-Ra;s Tomb featured a large skull “transformation chamber” and had glow in the dark eyes and teeth. It also had two mechanical man/beast statues with moving tails, arms and heads.

Series 3

Tongue-A-Saurus  (Series 3) – The largest figure in the Thundercats toy-line, it had a retractable tongue which could extended by a push handle.

Luna Lasher (Series 3) – The Luna Lasher was an accessory that could be worn by the figures, it had a trigger on the back which activated the pounding of its arms.

Thunder Wings (Series 3) – Thunder Wings allowed Thundercats to fly, by simply pressing the trigger on the back this would activate the flapping action.

Stilt Runner (Series 3) – Place your favourite figure in the Stilt Runner and press the trigger, this caused the running action of the giant legs.

Laser Saber (Red, Blue, Orange, Black) (Series 3) – These laser sabers fitted all Thundercat figures and also interacted with the Cats Lair.

For those who feel the need for an instant hit of nostalgia, you can watch the Thundercats intro below:

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