SilverHawks Toys

SilverHawks Toys LogoSilverHawks toys accompanied the animated TV series that was released in 1986 and ran for 65 episodes. The animated cartoon took place in the 26th century galaxy of Limbo, which is under attack by MonStar after 100 years of imprisonment. Five volunteers from earth undergo a transformation to become part metal, part human and travel to the Limbo galaxy to fight MonStar and his allies.

Unfortunately, the cartoon never really took off in the USA and so it only lasted one year before being cancelled.

The toy-line that accompanied the cartoon came in two waves with the first being released in 1987 (the year after the cartoon was released and cancelled), and the second wave coming in 1988 before also being cancelled.

SilverHawks Toys

Series 1 (1987)


  • Commander Stargazer – Stargazer is an old cop with bionic capabilities who serves as the Silverhawks eyes and ears, being much older than the other SilverHawks he longs for retirement after a long career.
  • Quicksilver – Former head of interplanetary Force, he is the field leader of the SilverHawks.
  • Lt. Colonel Bluegrass – Second in command to Quicksilver and chief pilot of the group.
  • Steelwill & Steelheart – These two are twins, physically they are the strongest members of the SilverHawks.
  • Copper Kid – The youngest member of the SilverHawks and the only one who isn’t an Earthling.
  • Hotwing – A skilled magician and illusionist.
  • Flashback – A time-traveller from the the far future.


  • Mon-Star – The filthy rich mob boss who escaped a prison cell on Penal Planet 10 and is leader of the villains.
  • Mo-Lec-U-Lar – A shapeshifter and Mon-Star’s master of disguise and leading hitman.
  • Mumbo Jumbo – A robotic minotaur who has the ability to bulk-up and grow larger and stronger.
  • Buzz-Saw – A cybernetic war machine.

The first wave of SilverHawks toys are fairly easy to find, the second wave however are much rarer and very difficult to locate.

Series 2 (1988)


  • Quicksilver – Already available in series 1, this time he comes in a Ultrasonic suit.
  • Steelwill – Available in series 1, another this series in an Ultrasonic suit.
  • Bluegrass – Available in series 1, another this series in an Ultrasonic suit.
  • Moon Stryker – Moon Stryker can propel himself through space with a powerful cyclone generated by his propellors.
  • Condor – An old ally of Commander Stargazer who left the SilverHawks but returned.


  • Hardware – An extremely intelligent foe who carries a ruck-sack of self-engineered weapons and equipment.
  • Windhammer – An eco-terrorist with a tuning fork which can manipulate weather.


Over the course of the two series a number of vehicles and other items were released for both the SilverHawks and the evil Mon-Star.

Unfortunately because the toy-line was so short-lived many of the characters from the TV series never had toy figures created. Some however were designed and shown in toy catalogues but never actually produced after being cancelled so quickly.

Fans of SilverHawks should check out the toy commercial from the 1980’s below for an instant hit of nostalgia!

Nothing But Nostalgia