Rubik’s Clock

Rubik's ClockThe Rubik’s Clock is a mechanical puzzle that was invented and patented by Christopher Wiggs and Christopher Taylor. However, it was the Hungarian Erno Rubik who bought the patent and took the product to market under his name in 1988.

The two sided puzzle has 9 clocks on each side, there are also four wheels, one at each corner, allowing the user to rotate the corresponding clock directly. There are also four buttons on both sides of the puzzle, they are arranged so that if one is in, then on the other side of the puzzle it is out and vice versa. The state of each button determines whether the adjacent corner clock is mechanically connected to the three other adjacent clocks on the back side or front side. Therefore the configuration of the buttons determines which sets of clocks are turned simultaneously by rotating a suitable wheel.

The aim of the puzzle is to set all the clocks to 12 o’clock on both sides of the puzzle simultaneously.

Rubik’s Clock

The world record for solving the puzzle in the quickest time belongs to Nathaniel Berg who set a time of 3.73 seconds at the Danish Open in 2015.

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