Rock Lords

Rock Lords ToysRock Lords toys were a spin-off toy line to the GoBots, released in 1986 after the movie GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords. The transforming rocks came with weapons such as swords, guns and axes. Like all transforming toy lines they were split into “good guys” who were led by Boulder and “bad guys” who were led by Magmar.

Unfortunately the Rock Lords were not a successful toy-line, Transformers were always getting the market share of the transforming toys, they did however last 3 series before being cancelled. There were also unreleased Rock Lords toys that never made it to the market such as the Stone Head play set and Crackpot who came in meteorite colours.

Both the good and bad Rock Lords were divided into sub groups as seen below:

Good Rock Lords

  • Boulder (Series 1)- Leader of the good rock lords he is made from Tungsten, he is known to have a fiery temper.
  • Nuggit (Series 1) – Made from gold he is far smaller than the other Rock Lords but “worth his weight in gold!”
  • Granite (Series 1) – Made from granite he is the gentle giant but also fearsome in battle.
  • Marbles (Series 2) – Made from cristobalite, he also has psychic powers.
  • Crackpot (Series 2) – Made from azurite, Crackpot is a bit goofy and sometimes a little crazy.
  • Pulver Eyes (Series 2) – Made from dolomite, he is resourceful and strong.

Jewel Lords

  • Solitaire (Series 3) – Made from diamond she is a warrior who possess healing power.
  • Flamestone (Series 3) – Made from Ruby, Flamestone is a hot-blooded fighter.
  • Sunstone – (Series 3) Made from Amber, this loner loves nature.

Fossil Lords

The Fossil Lords were very much like Combiners in Transformers, multiple toys made up one large toy. The Fossil Lords were Jaw Bone, Rib Cage, Hip Bone and Tail Bone, together they made Fossilsaurus.

Action Shock Rocks

  • Rock Roller
  • Blast Rock
  • Stun Stone

Rock Lords Toys

Evil Rock Lords

  • Magmar (Series 1) – Leader of the evil-minded Rock Lords, he’s made from Igneous and has a domineering personality and great physical strength.
  • Tombstone (Series 1) – Made from quartz, Tombstone lives to fight!
  • Stick N’ Stones (Series 1) – Made from Anthracite, Sticks N’ Stones is proof that two heads are worse than one!
  • Stoneheart (Series 2) – Made from slate, Stoneheart is the largest and most cruel but also very unpredictable.
  • Brimstone (Series 2) – Made from brimstone, he is high intellectual which makes him a deadly foe.
  • Slimestone (Series 2) – Made from silver, Slimestone is a short but sinister Rock Lord.
  • Saberstone (Series 3) – The only female of the evil Rock Lords, no bio is available for her.
  • Spearhead (Series 3) –  No bio is available for Spearhead.

Action Shock Rocks

  • Rock Shot – Comes with a rock to throw at his victims.
  • Stone Hook – Comes with a huge hook to grapple his victims.
  • Dragon Stone – Makes things very hot for his victims.


Only two of the dinosaurs from the movie made it to production, they were Terra-Roc and Spike Stone.

The Narlies

The Narlies were furry animal friends of the Rock Lords. They were both good and evil and were all released at the same time, including the leader Snarlie. The two good Narlies are Narliphant and Narlihog (bottom right two) the rest were all evil, the leader Snarlie is top left.


Two vehicles were released during the Rock Lords run, they were the Rock Pot and Stone Wing. The stone wing could be used as a ground vehicle or aircraft.

For those who don’t remember the Rock Lords, maybe this trailer will jog your memory, for the rest of us it’s a glorious trip down memory lane!

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