Playskool Flashlight

PlaySkool Flashlight No childhood in the 1980’s was complete without a Playskool Flashlight, back then it seemed as if everyone had them. First released in 1986, the Playskool Flashlight is one of those kids toys which seemed to make its way into everybody’s home. Why a child would need one we don’t know, but they were awesome!

Simply turn the switch on the side of the unit and change the light colour to red, green or white. As a child there was no greater joy than sitting in the dark playing with the different colours and pretending your flashlight was just like daddy’s! Hide under the bed covers with a book or comic and you could spend what felt like hours all by yourself in your little home-made tent.

Thankfully so many of these were made you can still pick them up fairly cheaply if you still fancy one today!

Nothing But Nostalgia