My Pet Monster (Toy)

My Pet MonsterMy Pet Monster was a plush doll produced by American Greetings back in 1986 and was one of the few plush dolls geared towards boys rather than girls. My Pet Monster was easily recognisable thanks to his blue fur, horns, fanged smile and the orange plastic handcuffs. One end of the handcuffs could be worn by the child and came with a breakaway link so the owner could simulate breaking the chain.

Over the years several different versions and various sizes of My Pet Monster were released, including a 16″, 22″ and 26″ doll. The success of My Pet Monster saw a live-action movie released in 1986 that went direct to video as well as an animated TV show that was released in 1987 and ran for one season.

In 2001 a talking 22-inch tall My Pet Monster was released by Toymax who were trying to cash-in on the popularity of the original.

My Pet Monster

Check out the original 1986 commercial for my pet monster below!

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