Mouse Trap

Mouse TrapMouse Trap is a 2 to 4 player game first released in 1963 by Ideal. It also happens to be one of the very first mass-produced 3D board games.

While many people will be familiar with the popular design of the 80’s and 90’s, a UK release in 2004 completely changed the setup. This game features three mouse traps instead of one, while the board and plastic components are all completely different.


At the beginning of the game players cooperate to build a working 3D mouse trap. Once the trap has been built, players turn against each other, attempting to trap the opponents mouse.

Game Play

3D Mouse TrapEach players is represented by a different coloured mouse which travels along a non-continuous, square shaped path around the game board. When the player reaches the end of the path their is a small continuous loop the player moves round. The path has segmented tiles which are marked with instructions as well as “build” spaces.

The objective of the game is to trap your opponents mouse using the mouse trap that is built during the course of the game.

Another space on the board is the “turn crank” space. Once the mouse trap is built, a player landing on one of these spaces while there is an opposing mouse on the “cheese wheel” space must turn the crank to start the mouse trap.

When the mouse trap successfully runs its course (it often didn’t and could be incredibly fiddly) the cage will fall on any opposing mice on the space, and they are out of the game. If there are no opposing mice on the “cheese wheel” space, the player may trade one piece of cheese for the opportunity to choose an opponent who is not on a “safe” space and roll the die to move their mouse.

You may repeat this trade as many times in a turn as they have pieces of cheese; when an opposing mouse is on the “cheese wheel” space, the crank can then be turned.

Mouse Trap – How To Win The Game

When there is only one mouse left, and all other players have been trapped, that player wins the game.


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