Mini Boglins

Spy KlabMini Boglins were produced by Ideal from 1991 to 1994, the little brother of Boglins, they were sold in packs of 5, 10 or 20. Each character in the series also came with a game card for battle play. They were sold in a variety of ways including boxes, multi-boxes and even blister-packs where you wouldn’t know who you were getting until you opened the packaging.

The original tribes came in six different colours, (blue, grey, brown, green, yellow, orange), however some of the chiefs came in silver and some figures came in black and were known as ‘pathfinders’. In 1992 new colours were added (purple, dark orange, gold, neon, red), each character came in several colours, some of the scouts were even glow-in-the-dark.

In 1991 six tribes were released:

  • The Clumsies
  • The Freaks
  • The Greedies
  • The Jokers
  • The Rude Dudes
  • The Tough Guys

Each of the original tribes had six figures made up of 1 chief and 5 ordinary members. Scouts were then added to the tribes in 1992 and Messengers in 1994. Some characters were even ‘retired’ and replaced by new ones over the years.

The Clumsies

“They almost didn’t make it to their new home in the chimney. Chief Trog finally managed to get them there against all odds.”

Mini Boglins The Clumsies

The Freaks

“They are a rag-bag collection of odd-balls who live down the drain, led by Chief Bug, the ugliest of them all.”

The Freaks

The Greedies

“They found the perfect place under the fridge, where Chief Glonk and his tribe can really tuck in.”

Mini Boglins The Greedies

The Jokers

“They live under the stairs and are full of mischief, but their jokes usually back-fire on them. They are led by Chief Prog, who keeps some form of order with a catapult.”

Mini Boglins The Jokers

The Rude Dudes

“They are noted for their disgusting or rude behaviour, where else would they live but under the toilet.”

Mini Boglins The Rude Dudes

Mini Boglins

The Tough Guys

“They live in the garden and are not really as tough as they look, although Chief Krusha would have you believe otherwise.”

Mini Boglins The Tough Guys

In 1992 a second wave was added, this time with 2 new tribes:

  • The Army Guys
  • The Disgustings

Each of these two tribes had one chief and seven ordinary members.

The Army Guys

“They fought their way to the garage where chief Furg and his tribe ward of all enemies.”

Mini Boglins The Army Guys

The Disgustings

“Chief Drox led his tribe to the most disgusting of places, the dustbin.”

The Disgustings

In 1994, after a two year gap, three more further tribes were added. They were called:

  • The Medievals
  • The Prehistorics
  • The Samurai

Each of these tribes had 8 members, 1 chief, 1 scout, 1 spy, 1 messenger and 4 ordinary. At this time a messenger was added to the existing tribes and a former member got promoted to ‘spy’.

The Medievals

“They unearthed a home in the attic where Chief Mogg and his tribe kept guard.”

Mini Boglins The Medievals

The Prehistorics

“They unearthed a home in the cellar where Chief Dred and his tribe hold fort.”

These were some of the hardest Mini Boglins to find, we have very little information about them and only a few images of them.

The Samurai

“They are so special that they only come in neon colours.”

Also released were eight ‘Cool Dudes’ that could only be found in Kellogg’s Frosties as well as four ‘Boglins in Slime’ that came in small slime filled toilets.

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