M.A.S.K. Toys

M.A.S.K. toysM.A.S.K. toys accompanied the cartoon that was first released in 1985 and went on to spawn toys, video games and comics. There were four series of toys released between 1985 and 1988 in the USA, however, in Europe a fifth series was released in 1986 which contained smaller toys that came in blister packs.

As with most toy-lines in the 1980’s the toys were split between the good guys M.A.S.K. (Mobile Armoured Strike Kommand) and the bad guys V.E.N.O.M. (Viscous Evil Network of Mayhem), however, far more M.A.S.K. toys were released over the four series.

M.A.S.K. Toys

Series 1 (1985)

The first wave of toys was released in 1985 and featured all the major characters and vehicles from the first season of the TV show.


  • Boulder Hill – Service Station play-set, home of M.A.S.K.
  • Brad Turner and Condor – A green motorcycle than can change into a helicopter.
  • Hondo MacLean and Firecracker – An orange pickup which elevates into a mobile weapon platform.
  • Dusty Hayes and Gator – An orange Jeep CJ7 with releasable boat.
  • Matt Tracker, Bruce Sato and Rhino – A Kenworth semi tractor that converts into a mobile defence platform and command centre.
  • Matt Tracker and Thunderhawk – A Chevrolet Camaro which transforms into a jet airplane.
  • Scott Tracker – Comes with his robot T-Bob


  • Cliff Dagger and Jackhammer – A Ford Bronco which turns into an assault vehicle.
  • Sly Rax and Piranha – Motorcycle with releasable submarine side-car.
  • Miles Mayhem and Switchblade – A helicopter which can transform into a jet airplane.

Series 2 (1986)

The second series of toys tied in with the second season of the show apart from Hurricane, which appeared at the end of season one under the name “Nightstalker”.


  • Julio Lopez and Firefly – An orange dune buggy that turns into a jet.
  • Hondo MacLean and Hurricane – A 1957 Chevy which turns into a six-wheeled tank.
  • Calhoun Burns and Raven – A black Chevrolet Corvette which turns into a seaplane.
  • Ace Riker and Slingshot – A van which transforms into a jet and launch ramp.
  • Matt Tracker, Jacques LaFleur and Volcano – A blue monster truck which converts into an attack station.


  • Miles Mayhem, Nash Gorey and Outlaw – A tanker truck which transforms into an assault station and mobile command centre.
  • Bruno Sheppard and Stinger – An orange Pontiac GTO that turns into a tank.
  • Floyd Malloy and Vampire – A red motorbike that turns into a jet.

Series 3 (1987) “Racing Series”

The third wave of toys was the largest release and were all centred around a racing theme, hence the name “Racing Series”.


  • Dusty Hayes and Billboard Blast – A billboard which opens up to reveal a gun emplacement.
  • Boris Bushkin and Bulldog – A white semi tractor truck which turns into a half-track tank.
  • Ali Bombay and Bullet – A blue and white racing motorcycle which turns into a hovercraft.
  • Matt Trakker, Nevada Rushmore and Goliath – A purple race car that becomes a jet.
  • Ace Riker and Meteor – A white jet that splits into an aerial fighter and a missile launching tank.
  • Brad Turner and Razorback – A red and white Ford Thunderbird which turns into an elevated platform.
  • Alex Sector and The Collector – A toll booth that transforms into an attack installation.
  • Buddy Hawks and Wildcat – A red truck which turns into a tall tank.


  • Miles Mayehm, Maximum Mayhem and Buzzard – A Formula 1 race car which splits into a drone pilot-controlled jet and two smaller assault motorcycles.
  • Lester Sludge and Iguana – An off-road vehicle which turns into a mobile buzz-saw.
  • Vanessa Warfield and Manta – A Nissan 300 ZX which turns into a  plane.
  • Sly Rax and Pitstop Catapult – An armoured gasoline stand.

M.A.S.K. Laser Command (1987)

  • Hornet – A M.A.S.K. packing crate that opens to reveal an attack vehicle.
  • Ratfang – A V.E.N.O.M. truck with limited transforming capabilities, its doors, wheels and hood burst off when triggered by infra-red beams from Hornet.

Series 4 (1987-1988) “Split Seconds”

The fourth and final series of M.A.S.K toys was called “Split Seconds” as each vehicle could split into two separate parts, most of theses toys never appeared in the cartoon.

  • Dusty Hayes and Afterburner – A dragster that splits into a small jet plane and an elevated turret.
  • Jacques LaFleur and Detonator –  A VW Beetle that separates into an attack boat and an assault quad bike.
  • Bruce Sato and Dynamo – A dune buggy that splits into a helicopter and assault car.
  • Julio Lopez and Fireforce – A Pontiac Fiero that splits into a jet plane and an assault quad bike.
  • Matt Tracker and Skybolt – A jet fighter plane that splits into an assault rocket car and an aerial attack craft.
  • Gloria Baker and Stiletto – A Lamborghini Countach that split into a helicopter and assault plane.
  • Bruno Sheppard and Barracuda – A motorbike that turns into a rocket glider and armed cycle.
  • Floyd Malloy and Vandal – A front-end loader which splits into an aircraft and tank.
  • Miles Mayhem and Wolfbeast – A Corvette Stingray which splits into a tank and jet plane.

Check out this collection of M.A.S.K. commercials from the 1980’s below!

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