He-Man Toys (The New Adventures Of He-Man)

He-Man Toys - The New Adventures Of He-ManA new line of He-Man toys were released in 1989 not long after the original toy series ‘He-Man and the Masters of the Universe‘ had ended.

Labelled as simply ‘He-Man’ or ‘The New Adventure Of He-Man’ the TV show ran for 65 episodes over one season while the toys lasted for four waves between 1989 and 1991.

The animated series saw He-Man removed from Eternia and moved to a sci-fi setting, which you can see in the design of the toys. Unfortunately the TV show and toy-line didn’t do so well and therefore these toys are much harder to find.

The He-Man toys were split into two factions, the good guys known as Galactic Guardians and the Evil Mutants.

He-Man Toys

Series 1 (1989)

Galactic Guardians

Figures: He-Man, Hydron, Flipshot

Vehicles: Astrosub, Bolajet

Playsets: Starship Eternia

Evil Mutants

Figures: Skeletor, Flogg, Slush Head

Vehicles: Shuttlepod, Terrorclaw


Accessories: Rocket Disk Power Pack, Power Sword, Turbo Tormentor

Series 2 (1990)

Galactic Guardians

Figures: Battle Punch He-Man, Kayo, Nocturna, Vizar

Evil Mutants

Figures: Disk Of Doom Skeletor, Hoove, Karatti, Lizor, Optikk

Playsets: Nordor

Series 3 (1991)

Galactic Guardians

Figures: Artilla, Sagitar, Spinwit, Tuskador

Vehicles: Battle Bird

Evil Mutants

Figures: Butthead, Quakke, Staghorn

Vehicles: Doomcopter, Terrortread


Accessories: Skull Staff

Series 4 (1992)

Galactic Guardians

Figures: Thunder Punch He Man, Spin Fist Hydron, Missile Armour Flipshot

Evil Mutants

Figures: Battle Blade Skeletor, Hook Em Flogg, Too Tall Hoove


Accessories: Thunder Punch, Terror Punch

  • Joshua Meade

    This show made me turn my back on the motu universe for a long time. I hated it and the toys.

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