Geauga Lake – The Abandoned Theme Park

Geauga Lake was an amusement park located in Bainbridge Township and Aurora, Ohio. First opened in 1987, the park operated for 120 years and at one time was the largest theme park in the world before finally closing its doors to the public in 2007. Petitions were set up to save landmarks such as the Big Dipper and other popular rides, however, in 2008 the remaining rides were auctioned off or demolished and scrapped. The land had also been put up for sale but remains unsold, what will happen to the land we simply do not know.

Unsurprisingly their are a lot of rides that people still miss, a lot of good memories were made in the park. Below are some of the most popular rides in the history of Geauga Lake, scroll down to the bottom and you can see how the park looks today.

Beaver Land Mine Ride 2000 – 2007

The Beaver Land Min Ride was a steel roller coaster aimed at children, it was known for having the longest train (20 2-seat cars) of any coaster at Geauga Lake, it was also the only coaster which would complete two circuits rather than one. When the park closed this ride was sold to an amusement park in France.

Geauga Lake - Beaver Land Mine Ride

Bel-Aire Express 1969 – 2007

In operation for 38 years, the Bel-Aire Express was a monorail that gave you good views of the park, many people believed the ride to be slow, especially during the second half. What happened to the monorail since the park closed and it was pulled down we don’t know, possibly sold for scrap.

Bel Aire

Big Dipper 1925 – 2007

This long-standing roller coaster was in operation for over 80 years before the park closed, it is still located in the park today, abandoned and at the mercy of nature. In 2010 the Big Dipper was put up for auction on eBay with a ‘buy now’ price of $65,000, the auction ended without a single bid.

Big Dipper

Corkscrew – 1978 – 1995

The Corkscrew was ordered in 1975 but had to be delayed because of financing issues, it was one of the first corkscrew roller coasters in the world.


Dominator 2000 – 2007

Dominator is a steel floorless roller coaster which first opened as “Batman: First Flight” in 2000 before being renamed Dominator in 2004. When the park closed in 2007 it was relocated to King’s Dominion in Virginia.


Double Loop 1977 – 2007

Double Loop stood in the park for 30 years and underwent various track and cart colour changes throughout its life-span.When the park closed it was put up for auction, it was bought by Cleveland Scrap for $25,000 and later demolished.

Double Loop

El Dorado 1983 – 2007

When the park closed in 2007, El Dorado found a new home at Kings Dominion but was closed in 2011 to make way for WindSeeker.

El Dorado

Grizzly Run 1996 – 2007

Originally located between Texas Twister and the Raging Wolf Bobs in what was once a picnic area, the Grizzly Run was moved in 2000 to make way for ‘Gotham City Pizza’. The Grizzly Run was your typical rapids ride which was guaranteed to get you soaked.

Grizzly Run

Head Spin – 1996 – 2007

Head Spin operated at Geauga Lake for 11 years under the names “Head Spin” and previously ‘The Mind Eraser’. When the park closed in 2007 it was relocated to Carowinds in North Carolina and renamed ‘Carolina Cobra’.

Head Spin

Pepsi Plunge 1972 – 2007

Pepsi Plunge was your average log flume ride, whilst it was never the most popular ride, it did survive for 35 years in the park. Where it went after the park closed we do no know.

Pepsi Plunge

Raging Wolf Bobs 1988 – 2007

The Raging Wolf Bobs was a wooden roller coaster that was based on ‘The Bobs’ at Riverview Park in Chicago. The ride lasted from 1988 until the park closed, however, in the last season one of the Bobs derailed and so closed half way through the season, never to re-open again. In 2008 the ride was sold for $2,500 and demolition began in 2011, not finishing until 2014.

Wolf Bobs

Shipwreck Falls 2000 – 2007

Shipwreck Falls was themed on sharks and shipwrecks, it had just one drop like most Shoot-the-Chute rides. When the park closed the ride was moved to Celebration City where it became known as Roaring Falls.

Shipwreck Falls

Steel Venom 2000 – 2006

Originally called ‘Superman: Ultimate Escape’, Steel Venom lasted just sex seasons, when the ride was disassembled rumours began to surface that the park may shut or cut back, which it eventually did one year later. The ride itself was relocated to Dorney Park where it opened in 2008 under the name ‘Voodoo’ and later ‘Possessed’.

Steel Venom

Texas Twister 1983 – 2007

The Texas Twister lasted 24 years at Geauga Lake, after the park closed it moved to California’s Great America under the name ‘FireFall’.

Texas Twister

Serial Thriller 1998 – 2007

Serial Thriller opened in 1998 and was built over the marshes at the edge of the lake, in 2004 when Cedar Fair Entertainment Company took over the park they renamed it Thunderhawk. When the park closed in 2007 the ride was relocated to Michigan’s Adventure where it kept the same name.


Geauga Lake – The Abandoned Theme Park

Those visiting the park today will know that the entire place is now empty apart from a few bits and pieces and the iconic Big Dipper. Everything else that created those great memories has now gone, either relocated to another park or scrapped and gone forever.

Those who want to see how the park looks today could get an aerial view on Google Maps to see how it looks, it’s a sad state of affairs unfortunately. Alternatively you can check out the gallery below, let the memories commence!

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