Bravestarr Toys

Bravestarr ToysBased on the cartoon, the series 1 Bravestarr toys were released in 1986, they actually hit the market a whole year before the cartoon did. The figures were quite large at 8″ tall and each figure had a unique action feature and at least one Kerium nugget.

Unfortunately series 2 featuring Dingo Dan, Judge JB, Long Arm John, Rampage and the Starr Hawk vehicle were never released.

The first and only series released had the following characters, play sets and vehicles:


  • Bravestarr A native American character who called upon the spirit of animals for brief superhuman feats.
  • Thirty Thirty Bravestarr’s cyborg stallion who could assume a bipedal form at will.
  • Handle Bar A green skinned bartender and former space pirate.
  • Deputy Fuzz A member of the Prairie People, he is Bravestarr’s ”li’l partner”.
  • Colonel Borobot – The Colonel actually seemed a little out of place, he could transform into a space-sled and ridden by Bravestarr. We can only assume they were trying to cash-in on the popularity of Transformers.

Bravestarr Toys


  • Tex Hex – Bravestarr’s main rival, distinguished by his withered appearance and lavender skin.
  • Thunder Stick – A stuttering robot with an energy cannon built into his arm.
  • Sand Storm – A red reptilian anthropoid who could exhale giant clouds of sand.
  • Outlaw Skuzz – Tex’s cigar smoking henchman and cousin of deputy fuzz.


  • Fort Kerium – The only setting toy released, Fort Kerium was where many of the heroes lived.
  • Stratocoach – Bravestarr’s very own coach vehicle.
  • Skull Walker – Mode of transport used by Tex Hex.

It was a real shame that the second wave of toys was never released as this would have been quite the collection. Unfortunately Bravestarr wasn’t popular enough and was pulled soon from TV. This is why we never got to see a second wave. However we did get 65 cartoon episodes and the Bravestarr video game on the Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum.

Those looking for a quick hit of nostalgia can see the intro below:

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