A La Carte Kitchen

A La Carte KitchenWhile the boys were busying playing with He-Man and Skeletor or dreaming of becoming the newest member of the Thundercats, the little girls of the 80’s (in the UK especially) were doing something entirely different. Many girls of the 1980’s could be found in the kitchen! No it wasn’t your typical kitchen, it was a trolley-sized A La Carte Kitchen made of plastic which could be moved from room to room on wheels and where the girls would make imaginary meals, possibly even an imaginary cup of tea, if they wanted to act all grown up…

For the young girls of the 1980’s it was the stuff of dreams, a miniature kitchen that had a sink, cooker and a fold down table. I’m sure even the boy’s of the 80’s will remember this, whether your sister had one or you saw one at a girls birthday party, the chances are as a kid of the 80’s you will have had an imaginary meal cooked in the A La Carte Kitchen.

A La Carte Kitchen

Released in 1982 by BlueBird Toys, the A La Carte Kitchen was incredibly popular at the time, and something I’m sure a lot of mothers would like their own children to have today. Unfortunately they are no longer around and while you may be able to find a pre-owned one, but it’s never quite the same is it?

Check out the 1982 TV commercial below, let the nostalgia commence!

Nothing But Nostalgia