255 Computer Command

255 Computer Command255 Computer Command was a replica 1980 Corvette that you could program using the series of buttons you could find under the bonnet/hood. It was first released in 1981 and made by LJN. The buttons you could find under the hood let you program movements, sounds and the lights of the car.

The 255 Computer Command had rubber tyres, metal hubcaps which gave it an authentic feel. It was possible to get the car to do many different things if you programmed it correctly, this could be done going forwards or in reverse, simply press the buttons under the hood and away the car would go.

The reason the 255 Computer Command got the name was because there were a total of 255 commands that you could program the Corvette to do. The general commands were forward, reverse, forward left, forward right, stop, reverse left, reverse right and the ‘horn’ option.

To set a command you simply press the direction you want to go in and then type in how long for, when you had finished with your commands you simply pressed ‘Go’ and the Corvette would get going.

When the car was turned on it would also play the ‘Charge’ song.

255 Computer Command

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